The quest for beauty often overlooks the basics — that’s right, understanding your skin type should come first before makeup. Without healthy skin, the much desired ‘smooth canvas’ for flawless makeup is impossible to achieve. You’ll know it when your makeup starts to run and your skin gets irritated within hours of application. If your skin displays these warning signs, it might be time to re-evaluate your skin type, starting with these quizzes.

Although things like lifestyle, environment, product and internal stressors affect your skin, each person has a ‘usual’ skin type. Knowing this core type acts like a guide when finding the right skincare fit. The common skin types are: Dry, oily, combination, and normal skin. It’s worth taking the time to understand your skin’s needs and subsequent products to use, as you go about achieving skin-deep beauty.

Dry skin

Tight, flaky, irritated? Dry skin is the result of a lower sebum production than normal or oily skin. Cue fine lines, dullness and patchy textures. Water intake is key, but moisture-enhancing skincare is equally important.

Evolcare has a range to hydrate every tight pore. Start with the “Milky Way” Cleansing Milk, featuring a super soft, soothing milk texture. As it delicately cleanses, it indulges the skin’s moisture levels too. Skin pampering plays a big part—enter the “Bio Repair” Sheet Mask, which we recommend dialling up on hydration with a layer of Evolcare Essence, before applying the sheet mask. Wind down with the “Stargaze” Night Cream, as it tucks skin in with rich and nourishing layers, peppering cells with natural ingredients and antioxidants while you dream.

"Milky Way" Cleansing Milk

"BIO Repair" Sheet Mask

“Stargaze” Night Cream

Oily skin

It’s shiny and constantly ‘glowing’ — but not in a good way. Oily skin is caused by sebum overproduction, signalled by acne and pore-related issues like clogged, enlarged and visible appearances. Blotting doesn’t work and heat aggravates it. This skin type is best paired with oil-controlling products, specifically pore-friendly and non-comedogenic, with weekly exfoliation.

Evolcare’s oil-control range includes the “Magic” Cleansing Powder, a mighty all-natural formula that rids dead skin and oils, and is fit for all sensitivities. At least once or twice a week, follow up cleansing with the “Skin Revive” Scrub, which is free from oil and microplastic, and packed with protective natural enzymes. Cap off with the “Noni’ All-In-One Gel Cream—a multi-functional combo of toner, emulsion, serum, gel and base to complete the regime.

evolcare magic cleansing powder

"Skin Revive" Scrub

"Noni" All-In-One Gel Cream

Combination skin

The combination type sits between oily and dry, and is the most common type. Typically of an oily T-zone along with a dryer chin area, the goal is to balance both extremes, and opt for products specific to skin’s daily condition and target and treat areas according to their needs..

Our picks start with “Clear Dew” Cleansing Water, its neutral yet stimulating cleanse makes it the winning solution. Once or twice a week, supplement the cleanser with a “Clarity” Mineral Clay Mask, which is essentially a home spa / oil-controlling detox experience. Round off with the “Refresh” Face Cream, the ideal moisturiser loved by many, for a cream-gel silkiness that revs by skin metabolism!

"Clear Dew" Cleansing Water

Evolcare Refresh Cream

Normal skin

Despite the name, ‘normal skin’ is the least common. This lucky type seldom experiences breakouts, reactions and changes, but it’s essential to know the skin’s unique quirks.

Normal skin calls for low-key, skin balancing maintenance: start your routine with the “Clear Dew” Cleansing Water for a neutral and invigorating cleanse. Next, give your peepers targeted TLC with the “Vibe” Soothing Chamomile Eye Gel, which depuffs and brightens the delicate feature. Finish with the “Ocean Breeze” Hydrating Serum, an anti-ageing skin quencher that takes you to pre-makeup base-serum perfection.

"Clear Dew" Cleansing Water

Evolcare Vibe Soothing Chamomile Eye Gel

Ocean Breeze Hydrating Serum

Using these pointers, observe your skin regularly to identify its changes and needs. That way, you’ll be on track to your beauty goals! Check out our Shop page for more inspired and curated products.

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