Based on the Nobel Peace Prize discovery of autophagy, Evolcare is freeing users from ageing worries with formulas supporting cell renewal and skin radiance.

The Bubble Effect: Evolcare’s Answer To Shatterproof Anti-Ageing

The need to feel safe is as fundamental as the bare necessities of food, family and a place to call home. Humans are naturally wired to protect themselves from harm, for instance, protection against the elements. In this day and age, it is traced to the environment and the stressors that come from it. With our skin as the biggest and most exposed organ of our bodies, we’re naturally inclined to ensure it is minimally affected by UV rays and air pollution. Hence why skin health is essential, especially with products that preserve its wellbeing.

As a brand attuned to our modern needs, Evolcare is formed on a ‘Bubble’ concept, whereby its unique product range play the role as a ‘safety bubble’ concooning from external aggressors. Simultaneously, this innovation gives skin a chance to regenerate and thrive within a safe space.

What’s in this bubble? What’s in this bubble?

The self-sufficient system of this bubble is inspired by the body’s own natural mechanism for preservation, known as ‘Autophagy’. The process encourages the cells to capture and remove waste, replacing them with rejuvenated skin derived from our innermost radiance. Unfortunately, this process slows down and weakens as we age, but Evolcare counters that through its protective formula that propels skin’s continuous regeneration and healthful glow, inside and out. Think about it as pressing reset on the body’s natural anti-ageing capability!

The thought of bubbles conjures fond memories, of childhood innocence and joy from the kaleidoscopic bubbles. Bubbles are also detoxing, as soap suds during bath-time. As adults, bubbles still carry a certain charm, associated with safety and self-care.

Inspired by these symbols, Evolcare is dedicated to bring the bubble to life, fulfilling its role as the regenerative mechanism of cells. As this special bubble nurtures and protects, it gives us the peace and freedom to carry on with our fast-paced lifestyle.

How Autophagy benefits skin & health

In 2016, Dr Yoshinori Oshumi received the Nobel Peace Prize for his discovery of the autophagy process and its genetic influence. He found that introducing autophagy to skin helps delay ageing and reduces its visible signs. It does so by detoxifying the skin, as it turns over damaged cells into firmer, smoother and plumper skin. Fun fact: Average cell renewal takes around 28 days when we are younger, but increases to 50 days with ageing.

Autophagy is widely described as the ‘missing link’ in anti-ageing, thus it address a variety of health benefits. It possibly prevents Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases when present, as reflected in a study by Dr David Rubinsztein, professor of molecular neurogenetics at Cambridge University.

How Autophagy benefits skin & health

Switching it on

It’s inevitable that with ageing comes the slowing down of natural autophagy. But there are ways to switch it on at a cellular level, including intermittent fasting, antioxidants, vitamins, exercise and sleep. Fortunately, Evolcare is attuned to these autophagy activators placing them at the forefront of their skin philosophy. Let’s have a look at these powerful nutrients:

• Polyphenols

They’re the antioxidants credited for protecting cells by curbing free radicals: Polyphenols essentially stimulate autophagy by repairing damage. Another member of the polyphenol family is resveratrol: when incorporated into skincare, fights damage and toxins, induces collagen and keeps wrinkles at bay.


• Ceramides

Ceramides holds skin together and act as a protective layer. It curbs moisture loss and reduces visible damage. Its autophagy function replenishes mature skin that lacks it, and works in tandem with restorative ingredients like retinol. This sets you up for a wave of essential autophagy nutrition to reverse ageing.

• Retinoids

Also known as vitamin A, retinol has been credited for improving the effects of ageing skin. It is dermatologically certified as a collagen stimulant responsible for the coveted plumped effect.

• Caffeine

A core autophagy ingredient, caffeine prevents the effects of oxidative stress by cleaning out and recycling all trace of skin toxins. In return, the radiant glow projected from a cleansed, uncluttered inner cells will show its true self.


With autophagy as a core value, Evolcare contains its benefits in a product line of cleansing water, cleansing powder, and hydrating and soothing serums. You can now be privy to these transformative effects, which each form a miracle bubble, making ageing a thing of the past.