Nature knows best: She holds the answers and miraculous remedies to our innermost skin concerns. Find out why natural skincare is the queen of its crop

By Jessica Liew

We all want what’s best for our skin: After all, it’s the protective ‘bubble’ that follows us through the rest of our lives. Each of us are naturally blessed with unique skin types, and to address their needs, the most effective way would be by turning to the source — nature. It is there that our answers can be found.

Natural skincare is backed by centuries of traditions in the art of beautifying and preserving our body’s largest organ. Ancient Egyptians, who symbolised power with beauty, relied heavily on natural ingredients. In Japan, the porcelain skin and glossy hair is achieved with the use of rice. History may speak for itself, but most importantly, it remains relevant today, with scientific proof of naturally-derived benefits.

Strength In Softness

Plants that are encouraged to grow and thrive in their biological environment are often free-from chemicals and pesticides. When applied on skin, they retain a sought-after purity that helps to eliminate pollution build up in the epidermis layers. The absence of additives, fragrances and stabilisers also produce a gentler touch. Light layers sooth irritation and sensitivities, and stabilise skin’s microflora.

Strength In Softness

For natural elements to survive the great outdoors calls for resilience: years of withstanding harsh weather conditions endow robust plants with remarkably effective defence mechanisms. Through the use of nature-derived products, this power is transferred onto our skin as a healing agent while fighting external harm like UV rays, environmental pollution and stressors.

Another plus from nature-tapped formulas is an innate commitment of smaller ecological footprints. The option for clean, natural ingredients means the by-product, whether from factory or household, endeavours to be biodegradable and a lesser burden on the environment.

All things considered, it’s no wonder that users are increasingly searching for natural derivatives for their daily skincare. The knowledge that what’s applied on skin is good for both the body and environment — now there’s no greater peace of mind.

Mental Harmony

In a day and age synonymous with the detox culture, clean skincare couldn’t be more vogue and valid. To preserve and enhance conventional skin product calls for toxic chemicals like parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS), phthalates and mineral oil. Free from these toxins, natural products saves users from absorbing damaging irritants, hormone disruptors and carcinogens.

did you know that fragrances retained in these natural products double as aromatherapy?

On the topic of mental clarity, did you know that fragrances retained in these natural products double as aromatherapy? The essential oils found in plant-based skincare stimulates the senses with a concoction of herbs, botanicals and nutrients when massaged into skin. Products that multitask as a spa? Nothing better, if you ask us.

When the right type of natural ingredient is used in one’s beauty regime, one can be sure of a product’s efficacy. Don’t forget that a formula of highly potent raw ingredients amount to a rich supply of antioxidants. With topical application onto the concern areas, natural vitamins and minerals can treat with direct efficacy.

Pure Intentions

The host of benefits derived from natural source is undeniable, but doesn’t mean natural is 100% safe. Different skins react individually to ingredients that aren’t a match. Although in these case, they pose as irritants and at times harmful, knowing that natural ingredients are intact means they contain lower toxin content.

At the end of the day, natural ingredients, in their simplest form, are less of a burden on skin’s long-term wellbeing due to the absence of foreign substances. Damaging chemicals interrupt the body’s biological rhythm, whereas natural substances get absorbed quicker and efficiently.

Evolcare has taken high-quality natural skincare a step further, travelling the globe and straight to the sources.

To Infinity With Evolcare

Taking all that into consideration, Evolcare has taken high-quality natural skincare a step further, travelling the globe and straight to the sources. The result is a curation of top-grade 100% natural actives, innovated in France, Switzerland, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. With an optimised formula of good-for-you benefits, treat your skin to the best that you won’t find in man-made ones. While Evolcare’s leave-on products are more than 95% natural, the number is an area the brand is committed to improve on.

We actually make our products in Switzerland, France, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. As we look for natural ingredients around the world, we source straight from the best origins to produce fresh and high-quality skincare for our consumers. Perhaps you could edit the “made in France and Switzerland” part, to reflect this point? Otherwise, everything else looks great!

The intention comes from a place of purity: Evolcare is set on resetting your beauty game with feel good and harm free skincare innovations whilst pledging environmental responsibility. In order for the circle of life to manifest itself, what we take from the soil will go back to the earth, and see the future through. The choices we make starting with our skincare will determine the health and happiness of skin, which is the key that nature holds all this while.