There’s eye cream, and then there’s its lighter and equally potent cousin: the eye gel.  Known for its non-oily, water-soluble texture, it is a great treatment for puffiness and aged skin around the delicate eye area. Eye gels are exceptionally well suited for people with oily skin and perfect for day-time wear

How Much Eye Gel To Use

The general rule of thumb is to apply a pea-sized amount of eye gel. The goal is to apply a small amount just along the orbital bone, one of the seven bones that make up the area around the eye. Resist over moisturising the eye area to prevent milia seeds from forming! 

Here are the steps to properly apply an eye gel on your eye area:

  1. Apply products around the eye contour area.
  2. Use fingertips to gently massage until fully absorbed.
  3. Ready to see the world according to you.

How To Use Eye Cream

An eye cream is a thicker emulsion that deeply hydrates and protects the skin under the eyes. Usually rich in oil and other nourishing components, these dense solutions drench the under-eye area with moisture, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles while assisting in replenishing fatigued skin. 

How Much Eye Cream To Use

Apply a few tiny dots of eye cream sparingly beneath your eyes. After that, softly touch the eye cream with your ring finger around the hollow of your eye, moving from the inner corner outward toward your temples, then returning up along your brow bone, creating a somewhat swooping motion from left to right. Avoid contact with eyes by patting extra formula over your eyelid.

Here are the steps to properly apply an eye cream on your eye area:

  1. Apply the product around the eye contour area.
  2. Use a ceramic head to gently massage until fully absorbed.
  3. Follow up with the moisturiser of choice.

When Can I Use Eye Gel Or Eye Cream

Eye gels in the morning work like a charm to soften, revive, and reduce that morning under eye puffiness. Their soft and smooth texture sits comfortably under makeup too. If you have oily skin or prefer lighter texture skincare, eye gels are for you.

Eye cream is best applied at night, as you can let the thicker consistency absorb while you sleep. They gradually address your eye area problems while you sleep so that your under eyes look and feel rejuvenated in the morning. Apply only a tiny layer of eye cream for daytime use, before sunscreen and makeup.

The Benefits of Using Eye Cream & Eye Gel

Depending on the specific eye cream or eye gel , the under eyes can be enhanced in smoothness and texture, followed by some benefits below:.

1. Decrease Appearance Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles

The first indication of ageing is fine lines and creases around the eyes. An eye cream or eye gel reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through hydration.

2. Reduce Dark Circles

Different factors cause dark circles, but if yours are brought on by thin and fragile skin under your eyes, an eye gel or eye cream can help increase the skin’s depth.

3. Decrease Eye Puffiness

Ageing, allergies, and lack of sleep can cause fluid buildup and subsequent puffiness around the under-eye area. Ingredients that lessen these indicators are potent in eye creams and eye gels.


An eye gel or eye cream is a specific skincare item that moisturises the eye area, minimises the look of dark circles and lessens the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Look for eye cream and eye gels that contain compounds like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, chamomile and ceramides, as they are highly potent in reducing creases and increasing moisture. 

Evolcare Vibe Soothing Chamomile Eye Gel, which is non-greasy and quickly absorbed, does wonders for brightening and reducing puffiness around the eyes. The eye gel calms any irritations and provides an immediate boost of brightness and tightening benefits as it includes German Chamomile and Cornflower extracts. 

On the other hand, the Edelweiss Stem Cells and Albizia Julibrissin Extract used in the Evolcare Shea Revitalizing Eye Cream results in visibly lifting and firming skin. Natural Vitamin E enhances skin appearance, inhibits the production of free radicals and environmental pollutants, and reduces wrinkles. Shea Butter and Hyaluronic Acid hydrate and moisturise the skin while promoting faster cellular renewal and repair.