Keeping healthy throughout the Covid-19 pandemic starts with impeccable hygiene and clean skin, which our 5-piece special skincare kit is designed for.

From washing and disinfecting skin to wearing face masks for long hours, these extra precautions are necessary measures to take. Unfortunately, these observations come with side effects.

Prolonged use of face masks blocks out air circulation, causing irritation and discomfort to skin: think accumulated humidity, heat and sweat the skin is unaccustomed to. Pores get clogged — a side effect of bacteria growth — turning into a hotbed for blemishes and acne.

It’s inevitable for skin to suffer from sensitivity due to current safety obligations. It’s also important that whilst we take extra precautions, to remember to be conscious and kind to ourselves. By nailing a balance of cleanliness and hydration, skin becomes stronger.

Our Evolvers’ wellbeing is at the heart of our brand, more so in the midst of this pandemic. It is our mission to create a holistic safe space for you in these times of uncertainty. So, keep calm and surrender your worries to us — our Skin-Rescue Kit has it covered.

What’s In The Kit:

Clear Dew Cleansing Water

With skin kept under wraps for hours, you’ll want a lightweight yet thorough cleanser to start and end the day. The Clear Dew Cleansing Water does that and much more. An oil-free formula is infused with natural purifying elements that simultaneously cleanse and moisturise, without stripping off sebum and water. Amino acids and papaya fruit enzymes help lather away dead skin.

Ocean Breeze Hydrating Serum

The lack of oxygen makes skin dull, dry and lacklustre at the end of the day. An ultimate quencher, the Hydrating Serum flushes moisture into pores and doubles as a pre-makeup base serum. Sodium Hyaluronate; a magnet for water, and antioxidants, are star ingredients, coupled with the powerful anti-ageing ingredient, Fullerenes.

Refresh Face Cream

The next vital step is to seal in goodness with the Refresh. Its cream-gel consistency makes it suitable for all skin types, with the added advantage of increasing skin metabolism. The cream lives up to its name, scattering the energising freshness of lemon and other natural ingredients.

Skin-Revive Scrub

Make it a point to treat your skin to a weekly deep cleanse of excess dirt and accumulated bacteria — our Skin Revive Scrub works like magic by first applying to damp skin for a minute, before adding water for exfoliation. The scrub’s pumpkin and pomegranate enzymes are supported with Vitamin C particles, soaked deep into the skin, softening the cuticles and resulting in a boost of cell renewal.

Clarity Clay Mask

So you can’t go for a facial— we’ll bring the spa to your home, with the Clarity Clay Mask. Designed to pamper and centre you with a sophisticated oil-control complex, this miracle mask comprising Soapwart, Witch Hazel and French Green Clay cleanses pores deeply to extract excess oil.

At the affordable price of MYR 550 per bundle, the Skin-Rescue Kit acts as an extra layer of security throughout the epidemic.

We cannot emphasise the health and safety of our Evolvers: each member of on the Evolcare family is our top priority.

Join the Evolcare community to help those in need: stay home, wash your hands, keep calm and shop online. Although the Evolcare Experience Centre is temporarily closed until further notice, our priority is to fulfil all online orders to keep your skincare in-stock.

Free shipping is available across Malaysia, and Evolcare has pledged to donate RM10 per product purchased to Tabung-19, that goes towards those afflicted by Covid-19.

Finally, a reminder to please stay safe, and be kind — it is love that keeps us going!