The personable visionary of Evolcare tells us the founding story of a nature-powered skincare revolution fostered by his paternal instincts to treat his daughter’s eczema

The story behind a brand stems from its founders’ values and the core ideas that sparked its origins. The people who made it possible leaves a lasting impression on consumers, especially when coming from a place of pure intention. Such is the story of Evolcare, the beauty brand spurred by a father’s love for his daughter.

If there’s anything that the founder and executive director, Stanley Mah, knows by heart from his 30 years of experience in the skincare field, it is that delicate skin is often neglected, in terms of efficacy and benefits. Coupled with that, Asia’s worsening pollution did more harm and affected his daughter, who was among the growing number of people suffering from sensitive skin.

When Nature Meets Science

“Products in the market often contained irritants, both chemical and natural, while eczema was often treated with skin-damaging steroids and other medication,” Stanley told us. “While being in the skincare industry, there was nothing I could really do to help her skin condition — I felt devastated. This was the point where I knew that something was to be done.”

Stanley opted to create a natural skincare: Noticing that demand for it was increasing in Asia but in short supply, he conceived the Evolcare brand innovation to match healthy skin needs to overall wellbeing.

Malaysia is the first port of call for Evolcare, steered by the up-and-coming market’s prime need for natural skincare. “Malaysia has a diverse mix of ethnicities, which serves our purpose to provide skincare that works for all skin types — even the most sensitive ones,” Stanley explained of the brand slated for its grand launch in the first quarter of 2020.

Sustainable Skin Health

The idea was for a range to help men and women with individual skin characteristics achieve and sustain healthy and radiant skin, through a formula made from a mix of natural and scientific expertise.

Stanley also observed that vibrant modern lifestyles came with a price, which is exposure to stress and external aggressions. As such, Evolcare’s direction of protection for delicate skin and deep repair came to be. The products’ also endorse a holistic lifestyle, added Stanley: ”We strongly believe that true beauty starts from within, we encourage our customers to care for their bodies and health, while our products help you take care of the rest — first step towards beautiful, radiant skin.”

Evolcare’s potent ingredients are also selected for specific targets: case in point, the Evolcare Essence protects skin from external aggressions with ingredients enriched with vitamins, organic acid promoting hydration, radiance and softness, with that are especially soothing for sensitive skin. “Our skin is often irritated because it is weakened in the first place,” Stanley mentioned, indicating the changing levels of toxins in the environment. “By strengthening the skin barrier, our essence helps improve sensitive skin in the long run.”

A Standout Brand

With so many beauty brands flooding the market with irresistible promises, this question comes to everyone’s mind: What makes Evolcare stand out? Stanley doesn’t miss a beat. “Rarely do we see brands that can provide natural yet effective products. Evolcare aims to pioneer this sector, combining nature and science, to unveil a skincare range that people would keep coming back to,” he elaborated.

On top of that, Evolcare is the first brand to create an entire skincare line in individual packets — perfect for maintaining freshness and quality of its free-from harmful and synthetic preservatives formula. Not to mention, handily packed to facilitate a modern on-the-go lifestyle.

Another area of concern Stanley aims for is climate conservation. In an effort to take care of the planet, Evolcare is partnering with a number of NGOs: This year, the brand is joining hands with the Marine Research Foundation (MRF) Malaysia to better understand conservation of marine ecosystems and functions.

Stanley carries on to explain how their missions give customers a sense of inclusivity, recognition and education, encouraging them to return used packaging, of which proceeds are distributed to various charities. Transparency is also adopted at Evolcare, in that they thoughtfully show proper usage and reveal each ingredient properties through an online database.


Setting Future Milestones

Stanley credits Evolcare’s breakthrough skincare to a global team of chemists and formulators from Switzerland, France and Japan. “We only source and formulate the best from each country,” he added for emphasis.

With a big launch for 2020 comes a year with major milestones, and Evolcare can’t wait to share. Stanley is eyeing a global invasion by building products to match different Asian markets, with plans to reach Europe and North America. Until then, Southeast Asia will be Evolcare’s education and innovative hub for brand engagement to facilitate in holistic wellbeing.

“We hope to teach people that all skin types can be protected and we should all feel good in our own skin,” Stanley affirms. “True beauty doesn’t come overnight but we can achieve it together, with positive changes in habits and products that’s actually good for you.” Onward the journey goes: watch this place for greater things to come!