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Argan Oil

If you’re thinking Moroccan moisture, you got it! Argan oil has been widely used for centuries in skin and hair care due to its excellent properties in moisturising and anti-aging. Enriched with fatty acids and Vitamin E, it hydrates and nourishes skin. Along with its ability to prevent skin from environmental damage, it reduces wrinkles and spots formation.

Camellia Oil

Camellia Oil is just right for you if your skin needs deep moisturing and revive elasticity. With it being fast-absorbing, Camellia Oil will assist your skin in staying healthy without the risk of developing acne. It is a transdermal carrier of cell-rebuilding nutrients and bioactive compounds (collagen and elastin), which repair damaged skin cells caused by dryness, sun exposure and ageing. Now here’s the amazing part; this oil is extracted straight from tea plants and has long been used for therapeutic and beauty purposes.

Cornflower Extract

Think soft like the petals. Cornflower is ideal for irritated and sensitive skin and is naturally softening and soothing. With stimulating and decongesting effects, it is a favorite ingredient for eye contour products, helping with puffiness and dullness around the eyes. The anti-inflammatory property of this plant is also highly beneficial in soothing bruised skin in particular.

Evolcare Complex

This is our very own ingredient mix, dedicated to bringing the best balance to your skin. Evolcomplex contains natural extracts from KombuchaTM, Candida Saitoana (Celldetox (R)) and Alba Flower (SepicalmTM), with potent cell repair power to promote a “self-purification process” of the skin, which results in healthy cells, boosting energy and skin renewal process. We’ve also made sure that this combination helps to prevent skin irritation from different stimulants.

German Chamomile Extract

German Chamomile is as soothing as it sounds! This ingredient is a herb that is native to southern and eastern Europe. It reduces swelling by slowing the production of prostaglandins, leukotrienes and histamines, which are chemicals released to create a swell response in the body. Suitable for sensitive and delicate skin, German Chamomile has strong capabilities in moisturising, softening, restructuring, and soothing the skin. Due to its rich properties in phenolic compounds and the ability to activate microcirculation, chamomile is an ideal ingredient for eye products. You’ll benefit from this product if your eyes have dark circles and uneven skin tone.

Goji Extract

Goji Berries are used for purifying, detoxifying, and toning. With its moisturising and regenerating properties, it is recommended for dry, damaged, and fragile skin. Goji is also known as a “superfruit” due to its high nutritional value, it is an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants, keeping skin looking youthful and radiant. Goji; sounds cute and tiny, but powerful beyond expectations!

Great Burdock

This medicinal plant dates back to ancient Europe. As great as it sounds, this ingredient is soothing and moisturising, making it an ideal ingredient for combination skin to combat both dry and oily zones. It contains powerful antioxidants such as phenolic acids, luteolin, and quercetin as well as essential minerals. Also containing Burdock root, making it helpful in improving many skin conditions.

Green Alga

Chlorella Vulgaris Extract is an extract from a green alga known as “super-food,” bringing amazing benefits to your skin due to numerous amino acids, oligopeptides, vitamins, minerals and carotene found inside it.

Apart from promoting tissue growth and repair, this ingredient can slow down the ageing process by protecting skin collagen and elastin from breaking down. Loaded with B vitamins, magnesium and zinc, it also promotes anti-inflammatory functions and soothes irritation.

Green Tea Extract

An ingredient with so much Zen-reputation, green tea has been known for its antioxidant properties and capabilities to moisturise, soften, and nourish our skin. Rich in phenolic compounds, it can stimulate microcirculation, which is ideal for mature or stressed skin.

Horse Chestnut Extract

Horse Chestnut derives from a flowering plant that activates microcirculation. It is useful in reducing puffiness and fighting blotchy complexions, evening skin tone to give your skin a healthy glow. The extracts from the whole plant, especially from the seeds, are potent anti-inflammatory compounds and also exhibit potent cell-protective effects.

Horsetail Extract

An ingredient great for preventing and healing skin that is prone to acne, bringing you right back to your element. Horsetail Extract is more commonly known for its antiseptic properties, making it a great ingredient of choice for skin that is prone to acne. Dating back for centuries since Ancient Greek and Roman times, this ingredient has long been used to speed up wound healing.

Horsetail Extract is high in silicon content, a mineral that could stimulate collagen production. This will assist your skin to maintain firmness and elasticity.


Sempervivum stands for “always” or “alive” in Latin. It is a succulent plant with leaves that remarkably retain water, providing its ability to withstand harsh climates. It has long been used as a medicinal herb, to heal and reduce skin redness or irritation.
This Swiss alpine aloe vera activates cellular mechanisms, which involve skin healing and regeneration. It also provides moisturisation, protection, and brightening effect to our skin.

Milk Thistle

Extracted from natural Milk Thistle plant, this ingredient is rich in omega-6 fatty acid, which will assist you to protect your lovely skin from aggressions. It also reinforces the efficacy of products for dry and hypoallergenic skin, which will help you be extra kind to your skin.

Padina Pavonica Extract

We’ve dived deep to bring you this ingredient! Padina Pavonica Extract is a natural extract from a brown alga found in the Mediterranean Sea. This ingredient is clinically proven to have collagen-boosting function for mature skin. One of its primary qualities is its ability to stimulate your skin’s production of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), such as Hyaluronic acid to keep skin moisturized and supple. Along with antioxidants, Padina Pavonica Extract will protect and restore your skin!

Papaya Extract

Here’s a native remedy from the Americas. Papaya Extract contains vitamins A, C, and antioxidants, which assist in preventing your skin from environmental damages. What’s more amazing about papaya extract is that it promotes collagen production, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Papaya Extract also contains alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). AHAs can exfoliate and remove impurities, yet another great reason to get products containing this ingredient!

Quince Extract

Quince Extract has multi-skincare functions and is an ingredient we use for all skin-types given its versatility to attend to many skin related problems.
It sub contains Tannin, which is a natural astringent that can regulate sebum secretion and tighten skin pores. It also sub contains Mucilage and pectins, which are excellent moisturising agents.

Presence of Ferulic acid along with vitamin C help prevent skin from environmental damages. Similar to many other fruit-based ingredients, this extract also contains malic acid, AHAs, which can assist with purifying and improving overall skin health!

Red Vine Extract

Wine is more than fun at the diner! With a high concentration of active molecules, Red Vine Extract has proven to be excellent for toning, astringent, softening and anti-aging. This ingredient contains the alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) called malic acid, which promotes a natural exfoliation of impurities and dead skin cells. By using products containing Red Vine Extract, your skin will improve its texture and tone, while maintaining moisture.

What makes Red Vine Extract exceptionally great is the high concentration of antioxidants and vitamin E. It is also rich with phenolic compounds that stimulate microcirculation for detoxification. Products with this ingredient can assist your skin combat problems arising from environmental damage, remove excess oil and tightening your pores— leaving your skin revived!

White Mulberry Tree Extract

The root barks of White Mulberry Tree has incredible soothing properties making it an ideal ingredient to care for sensitive and fragile skin.
It contains flavonoids compounds that cause fruits to brighten in colour. As fruity as that sounds, flavonoids work to treat irritations and assist anti-ageing. Many dermatologists also recommend white Mulberry Tree Extract for skin brightening.