Evolcare unveils a tranquil, plant-filled venue designed for customised beauty experiences and is kicking off the holiday season with a 2-day Christmas and Boxing Day sale – read on for the details.

By Jessica Liew

There are no shortcuts to understanding what skincare works for you. Each skin is uniquely individual, and its needs vary from different times of the year and even where you live and how you conduct your lifestyle. The best way to get to know your skin is to take time for yourself and discover what types of products are available, how they work and how your skin responds. As an advocate for all those basic needs, Evolcare is complementing skincare with a more personalised service, and is all set for visitors through a journey of experience at its airy new Experience Centre in Bangsar South.

The Soft Launch

In a celebration of its soft launch on November 25, a select few celebrities, TV and radio hosts, as well as your favorite beauty and lifestyle influencers were invited to a customised “Let’s meet: Experience Centre presentation”. The ladies were welcomed for a session of beauty know-hows, skincare consultations, pampering treats and delectable snacks and drinks. The air filled with chatter and laughter, as the attendees took advantage of the Experience Centre’s cosy yet spacious ambiance with flattering rays of sunlight, snapping photos and selfies in their favourite nooks.

A Natural Sanctuary

A look behind the doors reveals an Evolcare boutique spanning 2-Experience Centreys of an open, naturally lit and clean layout. With an undeniably well-rounded vibe, you wouldn’t realise it is actually positioned as an e-commerce brand, with the Experience Centre as a stepping stone into its nature-loving origins.

In the modern life of city dwellers, our surroundings is often described as a concrete jungle. As such, a space with greenery and fresh air makes for a welcome scene that brings tranquillity to our minds and smiles on our faces. The need for self-care and detox is essential to balance this fast-paced urban lifestyle, and Evolcare commits that to heart by creating a wholesome and cleansing sanctuary in the middle of the city.

The Wholesome Bubble

The first thing in Evolcare’s boutique that would catch your eye is a unique, circular island, installed as a display for its unit-dose products. Throughout the Experience Centre, sphere-like designs are subtly weaved into the interior evoking a ‘bubble’ concept of the beauty brand — from suspending lighting, decorative elements and rounded detailing — a symbolic significance of shielding skin from external aggressions, on our lifelong quest for healthy and glowing skin from within.

The layout displays the skincare samples clearly in a curved cocoon that draws you closer to mingle over each product, as Experience Centre members take you through a personalised tour of Evolcare.

Like its brand DNA, the Experience Centre is designed according to the pillars of modernity, minimalism, nature and science, within a unique bubble central to its inspiration. This concept is mirrored in a spiral staircase that scales the height of the floor-to-ceiling windows, a highlight that fitting of any Instagram frame.

After you’ve browsed and sampled the products, take your consultation session to the lounging area or bar tables that invite you to sit back for a well-deserved break before resuming your retail therapy. Not only that, this additional Experience Centre feature creates a welcoming shopping, well thought-out for your company of family and friends.

Bringing the Experience Centre’s holistic look and feel in full circle is an array of natural greenery dotted throughout the surrounds. Where ample streams of sunlight peeks through, nature thrives: it’s just one of the subtle messages behind the greenery creating a soothing ambiance that makes you feel one with nature.

With the launch of Evolcare comes exciting times ahead. See the picturesque Experience Centre and book an experience at Unit G-1, Ground Floor, Tower 5, Avenue 7, Bangsar South City, or click the Shop button to start shopping.