Did you know that our daily habits can easily lead to aging of our eye skin? From prolonged use of electronic devices with screens, sleeping on the side, and staying up late. Many people tend to only focus on facial care, but in fact eye conditions are one of the most noticeable signs of skin aging. We should understand the needs of our eyes to prevent aging or the formation of wrinkles, starting with eye care. EVOLCARE’s all-natural “Eye Care Series” is formulated to target different eye concerns, allowing you to show bright and charming eyes every day.




Shea Revitalising Eye Cream

In our busy modern lives, we are often exposed to blue light from our phones, computers, and other digital devices for long hours, which can lead to aging and dryness of the delicate skin around our eyes. Shea Revitalising Firming Eye Cream is enriched with nourishing Shea Butter, providing deep hydration and moisture to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while Echinacea can combat blue light and UV damage to restore a fresh and youthful look.


Vibe Soothing Chamomile Eye Gel

During hot summer season, our eyes are prone to fine lines and sagging when exposed to the sun. The non-greasy and soothing Vibe Chamomile Eye Firming Gel helps tighten and lift the skin around the eyes . It is enriched with German Chamomile and Equisetum Extracts to promote collagen production, combined with powerful antioxidant ingredients of Cornflower, Grape, and Horse Chestnut Extract to accelerate microcirculation around the eyes. It enhances the overall firmness and elasticity while minimizing dark circles and providing an instant lifting effect.



Fleur Eye Mask

Due to global warming, we often stay in air-conditioned environments with low temperature and humidity for long periods of time, which causes moisture loss in the skin around the eyes, resulting in fine lines and eye fatigue. Fleur Eye Mask is formulated with 100% natural Botanical Extracts including Passionflower, Agave Tequilana Leaf, and Broccoli Sprouts to provide ample nourishment and hydration to the eye area in just 20 minutes. It also quickly reduces eye puffiness and the appearance of dark circles, suppresses cell aging and provides ultimate repair for the delicate skin around the eyes.




Besides using EVOLCARE eye care products that are free from harmful chemicals, improving your daily habits is essential to activate younger radiant eyes. Some regular eye care tips can improve eye skin problems:


  1. Avoid touching your eyes to prevent skin irritation and the formation of wrinkles.
  2. Use a mild eye makeup remover to gently remove eye makeup and dirt, and avoid pulling on the eye.
  3. Get a good night’s sleep every day. Try to sleep on your back to allow the skin around your eyes to get proper rest and repair, and to prevent the formation of eye wrinkles due to stress.
  4. Avoid using electronic devices with screens for long periods of time, take regular breaks every 20 minutes, and allow your eyes to rest for at least 20 seconds while focusing on an object at least 20 feet away.
  5. Sunscreen should be applied at any time and in any weather. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun without proper protection. Additionally, protect your eyes from UV rays damage by wearing sunglasses and a hat.
  6. Consume more leafy green vegetables to intake sufficient lutein, which can neutralize blue light and reduce the harmful effects on the eyes.