The pleasant summer has passed, but EVOLCARE’s love for natural skincare products has never stopped. In fall and winter, do not forget to give our skin more attention and love. Here’s the ultimate guide to keeping your complexion glowing all season long.



Cleanse Gently

Dry winter skin is not inevitable. If your skin is extremely dehydrated, which is most likely in winter, adding a natural moisturizing cleanser, like the Milky Way Cleansing Milk, to your skincare routine will make skin more comfortable. This gentle yet effective cleansing milk removes impurities while leaving your skin refreshed and nourished. It’s like giving your face a warm hug!



All-Day Hydration

Staying hydrated is even more vital for the skin in autumn and winter. Hydrate your skin from the inside out! In addition to drinking enough water each day, focus on eating foods rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, and try using a humidifier to help to add moisture back into the air. Set your humidifier to 60% in winter to rehydrate the top layers of your skin. The extra moisture in the air helps rehydrate and prevents the environment from drawing moisture away from the skin. You might want to consider Ocean Breeze Hydrating Serum, your hydration superhero that works to hydrate your skin with Sodium Hyaluronate and restore radiance with Fullerenes.。



Moisturize Like a Pro

Moisturizing in winter is a must for soft and glowing skin. Remember to use a moisturizer that is preferably made of all natural active ingredients and that works best for your skin type. Indulge yourself with Stargaze Night Cream which contains 10 key natural ingredients ranging from plant extracts and oils, to vitamins to seal moisture in. Got dry, chapped lips? Crush Moisturizing Lip Balm is made with nourishing oils and is the ideal treatment to protect and heal your lovely lips, it will leave your lips soft and smoothed.



SOS with a Mask

Need a last-minute plan for winter skin? Elevate the cozy season with BIO Repair Sheet Mask to nourish, hydrate and cocoon the skin for a season of comfort. This 100% natural bio-grade mask uses liposome technology and is infused with the EVOLCARE Essence, which not only enhances the moisturizing and penetration effect, but also retains moisture for a longer time, providing an excellent excuse for quality self-care time.



Don’t Forget Your Hands and Feet

Treat your hands and feet with extra love and care by exfoliating dead skin with Skin Revive microplastic-free scrub, applying a fragrance-free and nourishing hand cream and body lotion, and slipping them into soft gloves and socks before bed. You will wake up with the hands and feet of a goddess!



A Scented Candle to Add to Your Self Care Routine

As we head into the darker winter months, choose a warm comforting scent like the LOVE&CARE Limited Edition Scented Candle to bring you a little calm and create a warm and cozy vibe. Sip on a warm cup of organic herbal tea or hot chocolate, indulge in nutrient-rich foods, and snuggle up with a good book or your favourite Netflix series. Do not forget, self-care is the ultimate skincare secret!


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