Being a better friend, daughter, mother, colleague or wife starts with treating yourself with kindness before caring for our loved ones.

10 Ways To Practice Kindness To Yourself

It’s so easy to lose track of personal wellbeing in the pursuits of life. We tend to put others first and ourselves in the backburner. When you look inward after a long day, exhaustion comes in the way of a meaningful self-relationship. But how can one expect to give the best to others, when their own mental and emotional needs are neglected?

If your 2020 goal is to practice kindness to yourself, we strongly recommend going on this 10-step journey that leads to a happier personal relationship.

Eating clean

1. Eating clean

Like how we invest in the best skincare, so must we care for our bodies and health by eating well. Stress eating, bingeing and even deprivation are some unhealthy habits we’re increasingly exposed to. The key is to eat wholesome, clean and nutritious food that will make you feel beautiful inside and translate into clear skin and better moods on the outside.


2. Exercising

“I used to cry, now I sweat,” UK singing sensation Adele, declared on her recent weight loss. Exercise releases the body’s happy hormones, endorphins, also known as the ‘runner’s high’. The trick is to find a workout that you enjoy—just because HIIT is in, doesn’t mean Zumba is ineffective. Stick to your workout of choice, and with time, you’ll notice a transformation.

Me-time / self-care

3. Me-time / self-care

The next time you find yourself on Netflix or scrolling through Instagram as an end-of-day ‘reward’, put them down and do a digital detox instead. Pick up journalling, meditation, yoga, or even a well-deserved home-spa session for some me-time. Don’t be afraid to relax by ‘doing nothing’—you’ll be surprised at how much refreshed and grateful will be.


4. Travel

No amount of stalking travel influencers is as close as it can get to actually travelling. Make the move by booking a plane ticket to that destination you’ve been eyeing. Whether it’s the dazzling maze of metropolitan life in Tokyo and New York, or the laidback chill of Bali or Hoi An, set your own narrative and reap an experience of a lifetime!

Take up a new hobby

5. Take up a new hobby

How often do you hear hesitation on the subject of hobbies? Personal interests are good for making new friends and even therapeutic. If you find yourself without a hobby, consider these positive ones like sports, cooking, book clubs, volunteering, arts and craft…the list goes on.

Find your purpose / goal-setting

6. Find your purpose / goal-setting

The best place to start a self-practice of kindness is by establishing goals and purposes. First, spice it up with new daily routines, before moving on to your plans for the month, next three months, year ahead—and even 3 years if you’re confident. Think of it as personal bonding.

Celebrating little victories

7. Celebrating little victories

One simple way to be kind to yourself is to simply acknowledge your successes and achievements. Celebrate that new promotion, passing with flying colours, getting your new car, the down payment for your first house—they may be ‘entry’ level but the fact is…they are your personal breakthroughs.


8. Self-acceptance

Being kind to yourself starts the minute you look yourself squarely in the eye and accept yourself, without comparison or judgement. As our worst critic, we hold back from kindness and self-awareness. The truth is, someone thinks the world of you, and you’ve made a difference to them. Give yourself the credit due.


9. Reward

When you love someone, you express it through gifts and surprises. Like how you do good things to others, you should also reward yourself once in a while, just because. You don’t always need an occasion to be kind to yourself, it can be in the day-to-day, like a new bath product, a hair appointment, or your favourite ice-cream.

Friends and family

10. Friends and family

Companionship is a basic need, and surrounding yourself with positive people and loving relationships inculcates kindness on a personal level. Break away from toxic friendships, competitive companions, and people who question your self-worth. Let go of the connections that impede your growth. Reserve that energy for the person who matters first: you.